What is Saleint? pronounced sale-int

The most prevalent challenge today is shortage of qualified and trained human resource. This is coupled with shorter turn around expectations from the client and higher revenue requirements by the owners. The industry has ever-changing standards requiring constant update, training and re-learning. Together, it leaves no opportunity to plan, execute, evaluate and to think creatively. Smaller the organisation, the harder it gets.

Is it Misspelt? 

These were some of the reasons that lead to the creation of ‘Saleint’. The “e” and the “i” in Salient have been switched to showcase our focus. As is the meaning of the word ‘Salient’, we aim to stand out and we work towards achieving this for our clients as well. We want our clients to be recognised as forerunners in the industry and positively different from their competitors. Saleint is developing other services in partnership so that it can eventually become the one-stop-shop for hotel & tourism business operators, helping them save time and money, thereby focus on their clients just like we will be focusing on ours’. We will provide sales, marketing, operation, revenue, strategies, public relations, human resource, accounting, training and much much more under the same roof making it easier for organisations to source services and resources.

Many have asked why misspell salient? We wanted to emphasise on our strength and showcase our ability to market. We have the expertise in our team, why not utilise them?

Is it a Marketing Strategy?

We know that everyone sells – we sell ourselves during interviews, we negotiating with friends and family when we argue, we even sell ourselves to our lover; think about it – don’t we all at some point or the other? The difference is that some of us do this consciously while others as it is their job. At Saleint – we sell because it comes naturally to us and this is what we enjoy doing. Closing a deal, finding a new client, up-selling, mentoring the next sales associate .. these are few things that give us an adrenaline rush. Fire in our logo reflects our passion. The 3 prongs stand for our client (you), us (Saleint) and our client’s client (your client).The vibrant colours show our enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication towards our clients, our work and the industry.