Blu Sky Technology Solutions Inc. houses one of the best kept secrets in the tech industry. They have a team which is lead by some of the best and brightest from companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, and more. It is the exclusive provider to Saleint for all our technology clients and a collaborative, engaging partner for our technology marketing solutions team.

Leading the company is a team that has decades of experience working in technology solutions for the web, applications, and database space.  Blu Sky’s leadership has worked with companies such as Ernst & Young and Microsoft.  Their areas of expertise range from Finance, Aerospace & Defense, to Medical.  They have lead teams in the US, Canada, Indonesia, India, and beyond. They have built solutions with minimal budgets and have managed projects of over $100 million.  All of this combined with their uncanny ability to bridge the gap between business and technology means that they are able to find a solution that fits the client’s needs within a target budget.

While the team at Blu Sky has produced over a 100 different apps, and their technical prowess is undeniably incredible, it is their customer service skills that they truly pride themselves in.  Their team ensures that no client walks away dissatisfied.  They also offer potential client’s an opportunity to have a free consultation with an App Expert to vet their idea and expand upon its potential.