Rick is a passionate hospitality professional, who brings multitude of experiences; from heading a sales & revenue team at Expedia to leading a marketing company and managing hotels. Always up for a challenge, Rick started his career in Canada with Radisson Hotels. He advanced to step into a role of Regional Revenue Manager with Westmont Hospitality and eventually as General Manager of a hotel. Most recently he headed the sales & business development team for Travel, Local and Product & Digital Media at WagJag.com under Metroland Media.

With a proven track record of helping build businesses and regions, Rick has helped develop and grow Expedia Canada and Westmont Hospitality during their early years in Canada. Rick also spent time in Chicago and helped turn around the Midwest US for Expedia Inc during the recent economic downturn. He came back to Canada and led the charge in building start-ups such as Dealfind Travel, Jaunt.ca and Wagjag.com

Along with many years of executive and operational experience, Rick has attained multiple certifications on sales, marketing, leadership, finance, digital, media and revenue management as well as a diploma on Advertising in Asia.

Rick is a top hospitality expert, experienced leader and a proven resource who can help hotels and restaurants fill empty rooms and tables. With a strong sales background, he is able to compliment revenue management from a sales perspective. His deep knowledge on Operations and managing P&L’s allows Rick to provide top to bottom recommendations with a focus on flow through and improving the bottom line.

In 2016, Rick brings his experience and expertise to Saleint Company and excited to share his energy and passion with companies looking to grow and optimize revenue opportunities in all aspects of their business.