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Please email us at ambassador@saleint.ca if we have missed out on what is important to you. We work with several strategic partners around the world and someone will certainly have a solution for you. If not, we will source it on your behalf. Don’t forget to visit out partner website www.xcix.ca


Our Global Sales Office (GSO) associates and representative will bring your brand in front of Meeting Planners and Leisure Agents across Canada and the United States.

DMC’s (on-sites) that we currently represent are located in Argentina | Bhutan | Croatia | Egypt | India | Maldives | Mexico | Montenegro | Morocco | Nepal | Oman | Peru | Portugal | Sri Lanka | Serbia | Slovenia | Spain | United Arab Emirates and growing. The Hotel & Luxury Trains that we represent are located in India. Please visit our Tour Packages and Hotel page to learn about some of our products.

How can we get your company on-board with Saleint?

We can start with a 15-minute consultation on us!
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Venue Sourcing & Site Selection

Saleint associates have to been supporting Meeting Planners source their event venues, conference hotels and conference centres since 2013. Is it time for your organisation to consider such a resource?

Let us talk and uncover how Saleint could assist ‘meeting’ your requirements. Click here to schedule a 15 minute no-obligation call with us.


Does your business require a consultant specializing in Sales & Marketing as well as Branding? Saleint is here for you in partnership with Blackribbit.

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Virtual Event Assistance

Has your Conference or Trade Show gone virtual? From concept to execution, learn about our 120 day journey to a Global Virtual Event and how we can bring our knowledge, experience and team to assist you. From sourcing a virtual event platform to back end support, we can do as little as as much as is needed of us.

Click here to schedule a 15 minute no-obligation call with us and let us uncover ways in which Saleint can support your goals.