Canadian Representation

Enhancing Luxury and Adventure Travel Experiences in the Middle East and Indian Sub-continent for an incoming operator.

The Purpose

2017 - 2019 (bankruptcy lead to contract termination).

To promote luxury, adventure, and exotic travel experiences to the Middle Eastern and Indian subcontinent regions. Products included a luxury train, custom and SIC journeys, and Glamping experiences.

Target Audience: Agents, Operators
Territory: Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.

The Strategy

Saleint was tasked with managing the Canadian Sales Office and collaborating with the regional operations team and the US office. We were to develop and execute a marketing plan based on the allocated annual budget to achieve the goals set by the head office.

Our Tactics

The brand entered the Canadian market with no recognition.

1. Conduct sales calls
2. Present office presentations
3. Organize FAM trips
4. Attend trade shows
5. Implement remote training sessions (as of 2019)

The Results

– Year 1 generated $50,000 in revenue with over $250,000 in potential leads.

– By 2018, the products were showcased by operators in Montreal and Toronto, as well as SIT group leads from Vancouver.

– In early 2019, discussions began with a host agency and an adventure company regarding product and destination inclusions. Additionally, conversations were initiated with operators about adding new programs for 2020 and beyond.