Our Salient Destination Collection

Our hand-picked selection of destinations and incoming operators is dedicated to delivering an unforgettable travel experience for your clients.

A person standing inside a beautiful cave in the Algarve region of Portugal.


Cit Global DMC

Explore the oldest frontiers in Europe with a passionate and experienced operator that knows the newest travel trends.



Pure Morocco

Discover a captivating North African gem, nestled between the alluring Atlantic Ocean and the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea!

Machu Picchu in Peru


Kindle Journeys

Ignite a unique spark in your life’s travels, transforming a mere trip into an extraordinary, soul-stirring adventure with us!

Burj Al Arab


Dubai & beyond

Begin your adventure, delve into new experiences, and immerse yourself in the UAE with the 3E’s – Embark. Explore. Experience.

Why Work With Us?

Top Three Reasons to Select Our Collection:

  1. Our on-site expertise ensures we have the most updated insights and extensive local connections to enhance every travel experience.
  2. We take pride in crafting customized journeys that not only fit your clients’ budget and travel aspirations but exceed their expectations, thanks to our select DMC partners.
  3. Moreover, we offer flexible payment structures to suit your business model—simply mention your preference when you ask for a quote.

Submit quote requests by email (ambassador@saleint.ca) or by completing the online form by clicking here.

India & Beyond


Embark on an unparalleled journey from the Nepalese Himalayas, through Bhutan’s serenity, to Kanyakumari’s southern tip.




Born in the internet boom, the team ensures you’ll dream atop sea waves with the perfect over-water bungalow for your trip.

Spinx in Egypt


Excel Travel

Explore ancient Pyramids or sail the Nile—Excel’s local experts promise an unforgettable Egyptian adventure.


People We Know

While not part of our collection, we do know great operators in Turkey, Argentina, Oman, and in several amazing destinations.

Explore The Destination

Watch the destination webinars on-demand. Get inspired by the sample programs. There is more content coming this November.

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