Market Activation and Expansion in Quebec.

The Purpose

October 2023

The primary goal of this project was to tap into the Quebec market for ProColombia through market activation in Montreal. This process involved targeting agents and operators in the territory, creating a series of engaging activities for potential clients, effectively managing a budget, and ultimately generating a Canadian database for the Toronto office.

The Strategy

Our approach incorporated partnering with local agencies to maximize outreach. Our team was responsible for organizing the reception event, a full day of one-on-one meetings and an exclusive session for the Colombian suppliers. Through efficient management of resources, we were able to achieve fruitful results within the allocated budget.

Our Tactics

The Local Touch!

We executed various tactics to captivate our target audience:

1. Selecting a keynote speaker discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2. Opening night networking event
3. A full day dedicated to one-on-one meetings
4. A curated panel discussion focusing on “Canadian Outbound Tourism”

The Results

The opening night reception registration had to be closed within 5 days as the registrations were a lot higher than anticipated. Attended by 72 local agents & media, over 35 people were wait listed for this event which garnered coverage by Quebec’s media. A successful keynote speaker, a packed day of productive meetings and worth every bit of time spent with the Colombian suppliers one-on-one. An engaging panel discussion that left attendees with a desire to learn more.