South Korea

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South Korea - Hidden Gem for MICE Planners

Korea seamlessly blends business and leisure, making it an ideal MICE destination with top-tier convention facilities in a safe, eco-friendly environment. Ranked 2nd in the 2021 UIA Global Meetings Statistics, Korea is a leading hub for international events, hosting significant conventions, corporate meetings, and incentive travel programs. Leveraging Korea’s unparalleled internet speeds and complimentary Wi-Fi in public spaces, its advanced IT infrastructure ensures smooth business events. Known for low crime rates and vibrant nightlife, Korea offers a safe, enjoyable experience. The Korea MICE Bureau provides extensive, customizable support, including complimentary banquets, performances, and souvenirs, ensuring successful international meetings and events.

Key Cities for Meeting Planners

Capital City

Seoul, Asia's premier convention spot, offers top-tier accommodations, dining, and services. Business travellers experience rich Korean history, culture, and modern attractions, supported by excellent meeting infrastructure.


Busan, Korea's second-largest city, combines mountains, beaches, and urban sophistication. It excels in hosting diverse business events, from high-level meetings to large-scale incentives, showcasing its versatile appeal.

Island tucked away

Jeju, a world-class resort island off Korea's southern coast, boasts exceptional convention infrastructure and services. It's a favoured destination for Koreans and international visitors alike.

10 Reasons to Include Korea in your RFP

Korea, with its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, delectable cuisine, and vibrant modern cities, offers an unparalleled array of attractions for tourists. Dynamic cities like Seoul and Busan blend ancient traditions with contemporary lifestyles, featuring everything from traditional markets and historic neighborhoods to futuristic architecture and a vibrant nightlife. Discover the top 10 reasons to choose Korea as your next event destination.

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Unique South Korea

The Shilla Seoul
Luxury Hotel

The Shilla Seoul, preferred by event planners, has hosted global events like the IOC General Assembly. Its classical entrance opens to a majestic hall and garden.

Eland Cruise
Unique Event Venue

Eland Cruise provides five ships with distinct programs; charter one for your special event and offer your attendees an exclusive reception or dinner.

Traditional Tea Ceremony
Unique Experience

Experience the Korean tea ceremony, a refined process highlighting tea's taste and aroma through specific procedures and movements while preparing a drink for a guest.

Signiel Seoul
Unique Luxury Hotel

Signiel Seoul - Korea's premier luxury hotel by LOTTE, delivers unparalleled service and exclusive experiences for global elite clientele. Perfect for world-class events.

Korea House
Unique Event Venue

An all-in-one traditional complex perfect for events, featuring Hanok architecture, royal dining, performances, and modern amenities for your event.

Local Culinary Class
Unique Experience

Master Korean cuisine with our cooking class! Simple steps, expert tips, and hands-on practice bring Korea’s vibrant flavors to life in your events.

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