Webinar Support

Does your upcoming webinar require an additional set of hands? Designed for small-medium webinars that require support managing registration, hosting it on zoom, design, creative, social and follow up emails post the webinar.

Our Inclusions

We will provide as much or as little support needed. We can help with hosting it on zoom,  technical back-end support prior to and on the day of the event, design and distribution of invitation, management of attendee list, and promotion of the event across your social media platforms. The extent of support needed can be customized.

How We Help

We take away the administrative tasks associated with webinars. In our experience, digital events require more hands on deck which is where our team can step into various roles associated with the webinar, its marketing and technical support.


Under the video editing services, our team can clean the recording and add the Saleint touch. 

Talk to us about what your and your client’s specific needs are so that we can support you to the fullest extent.