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Flawlessly Different

Ignite a unique spark in your life’s travels, transforming a mere trip into an extraordinary, soul-stirring adventure with us!

Perfect Peru

Immerse in Peru: a 9-night cultural odyssey with a dash of adventure.

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Ultimate Family

Peru, adventure and culture await families (multi-generation). Discover with us!

Kindling Luxury

Indulge in luxurious Peruvian experiences with your private guide. Let's get started today!

Tailored For You!

Personalized itinerary and hand picked hotels await your arrival. Contact us now!

Kindle Journeys

At every touchpoint, from initial contact to post-journey reflection, we at Kindle Journeys cultivate a personal connection with our clients. Looking after them as valued friends and family is our way of showing genuine care and hospitality. Our commitment to honest pricing reflects our dedication to long-term relationships and client pride in us.

Our mission is to craft unique, memorable travel experiences that inspire and impart meaning into the lives of our clients. Embracing love as our business’s driving force, we aim for impactful moments that transcend the ordinary. Through travel, we hope to ignite a passion for meaningful exploration that resonates and spreads globally.

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Come meet us, interact with us and let’s together plan something amazing for you and your clients in Morocco!

Hidden Gems

Travel beyond Cusco & Machu Picchu into regions little know on Mar 13, 2024. Grab your spot today!

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Did you miss the webinars held in 2023 or before that? Not to worry, we have the recordings for you.


Looking to travel and give-back to the community? Let us plan all relevant aspects of this trip for you.

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