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South Korea: A Hidden Gem For Cyclists Thinking ‘Asia’

South Korea is renowned for its pop culture, technological advancements, and mouth-watering cuisine. But did you know it’s also a haven for cycling enthusiasts? Its stunning landscapes, impressive infrastructure, and growing emphasis on eco-friendly living make it the perfect place for two-wheeled exploration. Read on to uncover five compelling reasons why South Korea should be your next cycling destination.

1. An Extensive Cycling Network – Yes, you read that right! Boasting over 5,000 kilometers of interconnected cycling paths, South Korea features major links like the gorgeous Four Rivers Trail stretching from Incheon to Busan. With comprehensive physical and digital signage, cyclists of all abilities can confidently navigate their way through this paradise.

2. Breathtaking Landscapes and Scenery – South Korea presents a diverse array of scenic beauty for every cyclist. From Seoul’s vibrant streets to the calm countryside and captivating coastlines of Jeju Island, each turn unveils something new to captivate your senses. Additionally, the ever-changing terrain ensures that every ride suits your desired challenge level.

3. Immersive Cultural Experiences – Cycling through South Korea is an all-encompassing cultural journey. As you pedal past quaint villages, ancient temples, and bustling traditional markets, you’ll dive deep into Korean customs and traditions. Along the way, indulge in delicious local flavors to make your two-wheeled adventure even more unforgettable.

4. Cyclist-Friendly Cities in South Korea – In recent years, the growing passion for cycling in South Korea has led to a shift in driver attitudes, the development of cyclist-only tunnels, and exclusive biking lanes, making the roads safer and more enjoyable for cyclists. The well-maintained urban and rural routes empower cyclists to confidently embark on thrilling adventures. What’s more? South Korea’s trains come equipped with bike racks, allowing cyclists to effortlessly combine rail travel with biking to explore greater distances.

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5. Budget-Friendly Adventures – Cycling in South Korea is surprisingly affordable—from accommodations and food to transportation costs. Reasonably priced bike rentals and equipment ensure that travelers of any budget can experience the thrills of discovering South Korea on two wheels. The icing on the cake is that South Korea has many bike-friendly hotels and accommodations, so you can rest and recharge after a long day of pedaling.

Some of the must-ride routes include the coastal trail from Busan to Seoul, the UNESCO World Heritage course along the Seoul City Wall, and the scenic path skirting the Seoul Mountains. So, which adventure will you embark on first?