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Must Do Activities In The Maldives

As enticing as the destination may be, every traveler always looks for activities in the destination. Gorgeous sun, pristine sand, private beach; all of it sounds wonderful. The question remains, what can one do when in the Maldives? We have been asked about this time and again so we have spelled them about for you. There is a wide variety of activities to engage in and these are our favorite:

Scuba diving: One of the most iconic things people associate with the Maldives is the clear blue Indian Ocean. It invites you to take a dive and explore the beautiful sea creatures below. Luckily the Maldives offers scuba diving opportunities for both certified and uncertified divers. The crystal blue water is home to an array of sea creatures like stingrays, whales, sharks, sea turtles, eels, seahorses, etc.School of fish

The water is warm and does not require a wet suit. Just take your adventurous spirit along with you and enjoy the view. Raa Atoll, Malé, Maafushi, Dhangethi, and Addu City are among the many host cities in the Maldives with ideal diving conditions.

Snorkeling: For those who prefer staying closer to the surface of the sea, snorkeling is the activity for you! The Maldives is surrounded by a multitude of coral reefs that make snorkeling possible. This way you get to experience the beautiful sea creatures at the top and swim with the fish and sea turtles.

Since it’s close to the top and you will be making use of a snorkel, you can stay for hours just exploring and enjoying the crystal blue waters and pristine reefs of the Maldives. Various resorts provide ideal snorkeling conditions in the following islands: Malé, Maafushi, Dhangethi, and Addu City.

Surfing: If you’re an avid surfer, then surfing the Indian Ocean should be on your bucket list. Especially if you’re visiting the Maldives.

It is such a prime location for surfing that the Cinnamon Dhonveli break attracts some of the world’s top pro surfers. If you’re not a pro, no worries, there are other islands in the Maldives with free ocean access that allow you to surf. If you’re not a surfer, then sit back and enjoy the show while basking in the beautiful sun. The Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll offers the best surfing conditions in the Maldives.

Paddle-boarding: It is a great activity to carry out in the Maldives as it has a lot of islands with calm waters. You can stand or lie on your paddle-board and see the clear sea creatures as they swim beneath you in the clear blue water. The islands are also quiet and serene, so you can have a relaxing day away from all the buzz as well.

Scenic flight: What’s the best way to take in all the beauty of the Maldives at once? A scenic flight! You get to have the perfect view of the crystal blue waters crashing against the reefs and sandbars. You also get to see the many atolls and islands that make up the Maldives. Up in the air – you witness the isolation of the islands and appreciate the wonder of Maldives.

Some resorts often require a twin-engine float-plane to transport clients to and from the resort. This could save you the hassle of having to book a separate flight to take to the Maldives. However, not all resorts do this so you might have to book for one.

Destination Maldives Marketing

Maldives – Prepare To Be Pampered

Hearing the country’s name conjures up images of luxury huts overlooking an aqua blue ocean, Maldives is a nation of islands located in the Indian Ocean. Comprising of 1192 islands the country covers an area of approximately 90,000 square kilometers, only 298 square kilometers of which is dry land (less than 1%). With over 1200 coral islands ringed by a beautiful landscape of reefs, it is the most dispersed country in the world. The complex atoll (pronounced – at al. Atoll means it is the ring-shaped reef, island, or chain of islands formed of coral) structures of the Maldives are formed on ridges rising from the ocean. The islands are grouped into a double chain of 26 atolls.

One-third of the residents reside in Male – the capital city, making it one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Its unique geography and breathtaking natural beauty have made the Maldives one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. Of the 200 islands, more than 120 have been developed as resorts and are in operation, and at least another 50 are under development.

Did you know that due to global warming 80% of Maldives may be inhabitable by 2050? This is according to multiple reports from NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey.

The beauty of the Maldives is not only above the water. The Maldives is home to about five percent of the planet’s reefs that come with an explosion of color contributed by soft and hard corals that form them. The reefs are home to a thousand species of fish. Lured by the rich nutrients that flow in with the currents, large pelagic fishes such as manta rays and whale sharks also make the Maldives their home.

Things to know about the Maldives:

  • Capital – Male
  • Language – Dhivehi
  • Local time – +10 hours EST | + 13 hours PST
  • Religion – Muslim
  • Currency – Maldivian Rufiyaa
  • Country code – +960
  • Visa – on arrival for all nationalities (as of Jan 31, 2022)
  • Seasons – Spring, summer, autumn, winter